Sekarbela Pearl village in Lombok

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Sekarbela located in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara, has very shiny sekarbela his name, and is famous as the hometown of pearls. The jewelry lovers will surely enjoy a visit to Sekarbela, because dozens of jewelry shops lining exhibiting various kinds of pearl sheen. Prices tend to be skewed compared to similar products in other areas, plus offer a variety of other types of jewelry made from gold, silver and other precious stones, the more enriched shopping options. Once entering the main road in the village on the road Kaharudin Sultan, you are greeted by a row of shops which also functioned as the showroom is a wide range of valuable jewelry, either gold, silver, amethyst, sapphire, and of course pearls that are excellent primary.
Types of pearls which attracted many visitors of the opposite mostly freshwater pearls because the price is relatively much cheaper, than pearls of seawater per gram that costs could reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, domestic industrial centers has been known since the time of the kingdom, though he could not tell in the kingdom where the industry is growing. To be sure he thought, expertise Sekarbela citizens as artisans of gold and pearls that had acted for generations. That said, he said, before they become centers of goldsmiths and pearl stems from the expertise of one of the residents are good at making sharp weapons of iron. Residents were often receive orders from the king to make arms for the royal troops. So many orders he received, then those skills are disseminated to other people who then pass it from generation to generation his children and grandchildren.
During its development, residents began to learn not only the iron chisel into a weapon but also designed the gold as jewelry. Be Sekarbela as the center of gold and pearl jewelry craft. In fact, today's handicraft business become the main livelihood of the village residents Coral Pule. If calculated as a percentage could reach nearly 90 percent of residents who cultivate the home industry, multi-up to hundreds of millions of dollars it either as craftsmen, stocks of raw materials, as well as entrepreneurs.
Typically, the craftsmen were getting the raw materials of gold and silver came from Java, while the pearls are supplied from the island of Sumbawa and Senggigi Beach area, because pearls are cultivated there. So in Sekarbela just purely as a craftsman while in the two cultivation sites itself just does not exist crafters pearls. Formerly, though it was known as a center for craft gold, silver, and pearls, but the product is sold out Sekarbela craft. The new six-year resident recently began opening stores and showrooms in Sekarbela after the perceived quality of their craft conscious enough to compete in the market.
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Natural beauty of the Bangko Bangko

Lombok Island is famous for its beautiful nature and fascinating. One of them is Nature Park in Sekotong Bangko Bangko, West Lombok. The beach with the waves are relatively elongated and continued to connect so it is suitable for surfing, the beach is this lombok island close to Nusa Penida, Bali so as to facilitate the tourists to reach this region.
To reach this area can be reached from Mataram, then to the Bangko-Bangko Sekotong with a distance of approximately 70 kilometers in a time of almost two hours. Can use private vehicles or public transportation lease. Using public transport from Terminal Mandalika Bertais goal sheet, then the Sheet ride public transportation terminals Labuhan Poh majors. In addition to offering a place to surf in this area you can enjoy and be pampered with beauty beneath the sea, Bangko-Bangko also has addressed the forest in tracking and historical tours for lovers in the area of ​​2169 ha, the Forest Park Nature Bangko-Bangko included in this type of ecosystem coastal forests and lowland monsoon forest and mangrove forests. Here we can find a variety of vegetation Coast Bangko Bangko, seperli Biduri (Calothlropus gigantea), Sea Pandanus (Pandanus sp).
Walked into the shade of the forest edge can be found remnants of Japanese colonial era in the form of debris monitoring Japan's defense fort complete with cannons. Stepping into the Bangko-Bangko or forest thickets at the edge of the beach you can encounter creatures, among them the partridge, eagle bendol, king prawns, and sea eagles. If you are lucky you will also find a rare butterfly is protected by law, Troicles Helena.
In this place the supporting infrastructure is enough natural attractions available, including a passable road motorcycles and cars. While hotels have also been available with the socioeconomic conditions of the majority community livelihood as farmers and only a small fraction of those people that worked as a fisherman.
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Sire Medana beach, natural wonders in North Lombok

Lombok is rich with beautiful beaches. One of the options contained in the beautiful coastal region of North Lombok, precisely sire Medana Beach.Located 35 kilometers from the city of Mataram make beautiful beach has become one of the most famous tourist sites and crowded by the tourists.
A vast expanse of white sand, clear water, coral reefs and maintained its preservation is a very attractive combination of beauty, Medana and Sire Beach has it all. No wonder that every inch is utilized tourist sites tourists to indulge a passion swimming, diving, and snorkeling.
Sire Medana also a page for some of the luxuries that you can enjoy on the island of Lombok, such as golf courses 18 holes in Lombok Golf Kosaido Country Club is not only presents a captivating terrain, but also a stunning panorama; Hotel The Oberoi Lombok has a deck of sailing boat and super yacht as well as extensive tropical gardens, beautiful, quiet, comfortable and luxurious at the same time, which has become the perfect representative of the lure and pamper the ASEAN ministers during their visit in the activities of ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Retreat.
Do not forget also the charm of the exotic Hotel Tugu Lombok. Rows of traditional huts thatched with palm page 6 hectares of course is an incredible sensation to you. But if that is not quite satisfactory, friendliness, originality, taste the cuisine, as well as additional views of the panoramic beauty of the sunrise of Mount Rinjani background will certainly be able to toss your feelings up to the seventh heaven.
To complete the perfection of Sire Medana Beach tourist area, an adventure is about twenty minutes to the open sea and you will be met with the three musketeers tourist island of Lombok, the Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. The island is surrounded by water so clear, beautiful stretch of coral and tropical fish collection of the most brilliant in color and is the idol of deity for the tourists from all over the world
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Senggigi Beach

If you've ever imagined lying on the beautiful white sand, and all-around beautiful natural scenery, sunshine that warms the body, no doubt, if you visit the Senggigi Beach in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The beach is located 12 kilometers northwest of the city of Mataram is indeed a famous tourist attraction with its beautiful beaches and beautiful natural scenery and the naturalSenggigi beach we can align it with the famous beaches of the island, such as Kuta, Legian and Sanur. In fact, the beauty of the Senggigi Beach is often depicted on the beautiful natural scenery and natural beaches beyond it, because the condition is much cleaner, natural, virgin, comfortable and quiet. Perhaps this is related to the arrival of foreign tourists has not been rampant in this beach.

As a mainstay of coastal resorts of West Nusa Tenggara Province, Senggigi is still relatively natural and kept clean. The beach is still beautiful, tranquil lapping waves, and the beauty of the underwater scenery, further confirmed that the beach that stretches about 10 kilometers is an ideal family vacation spot for domestic and foreign tourists for a moment forget the daily routine and atmosphere of hustle and bustle of the city.

Senggigi Beach is now starting ogled by tourists, especially foreign tourists, because of the relatively virgin area and also has extensive information about his whereabouts. With increasing interest and enthusiasm of tourists to the Senggigi Beach, the local government and private companies increasingly keen to build and fix all the infrastructure, so that more tourists interested to visit this beach.

Visiting Senggigi on Lombok Island tourism agenda may need to be made for tourists who love the beauty and freshness of nature. Just imagine, when entering the beach area, tourists will soon swept away by the soft breeze that blows in clusters along the beach in West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province. A fresh, comfortable, and beautiful as if greeting tourists at the initial visit. Time has been at the beach, the eyes of the tourists will be served by the exotic charm set in coast waves chasing each other, which extend the white sand, and thousands of small animals that spreads on a bed of sand, as well as the landscapes of Mount Agung in the opposite island (the island).Senggigi beach does offer a unique charm. Natural atmosphere that has not been overwhelmed by foreign tourists, as a marker of difference this coast with the beaches in Bali. It certainly gives the feel of its own for the visitors. Not surprisingly, this beach is now a new alternative destination to the tourists who missed the reassuring atmosphere of natural silence.
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Indonesian Traditional Clothing

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Indonesian Traditional Clothing - Welcome to the personal blog of Indonesia Information Which contains a collection of cultural information Indonesia, Indonesian tourism, articles, health, education, the latest fashion trends, hotel lodging cheap, celebrity news, and other info. The topic you read is the Traditional Clothing Indonesia, to search for another subject that is still associated with Indonesia Traditional Clothing info, you can look at the list of categories of Indonesian culture, thank you for visiting the blog set Topics Articles News Indonesia
Traditional Clothing Indonesia - Every region has its own traditional clothing typical of his own, and all custom clothing will form a unity into a traditional Indonesian clothing. If in Indonesia has 33 provinces mean many kinds of clothing tradisionl Indonesia. And this is a wealth of art and culture of Indonesia. Let's find out and see a list of clothing tradisionl in the province of Indonesia.

You can see a collection of pictures of traditional dress in Indonesia below, Figure Clothing Traditional Clothing Traditional Areas Indonesia Indonesia under Indonesian Cultural property is an asset which of course must be on guard sustainability. Some information is also part of Indonesian culture like Batik Indonesia that has been recognized as a world cultural heritage originating from the country of Indonesia.

Clothing from Indonesia who also enjoy doing is getting on clothes Batik Kebaya and where every year there is always the latest trends and developments in the increasingly preferred as a fashion choice, both for the use of non-formal or formal event.

Image of Traditional Clothing Indonesia

Pakaian Tradisional Di Indonesia

Figure Clothing Folklore Indonesia

Pakaian Tradisional Daerah Indonesia

Image of Traditional Clothes Indonesia

Busana Baju Tradisional Indonesia

Areas Indonesia Traditional Dress picture


Traditional 1.Pakaian the Aceh
Traditional 2.Pakaian North Sumatra
Traditional 3.Pakaian West Sumatra
4.Pakaian Riau Traditional Capital
Traditional 5.Pakaian Riau Islands
Traditional Jambi 6.Pakaian
7.Pakaian Traditional South Sumatra
Traditional 8.WORKOUT Pacific Islands
Traditional 9.Pakaian Bengkulu
Traditional 10.Pakaian Lampung


Traditional 11.Pakaian Region of Jakarta
12.Pakaian Traditional Areas of West Java
Traditional 13.Pakaian Banten Region
Traditional 14.Pakaian Central Java
Traditional 15.Pakaian Yogyakarta Special Region
Traditional 16.Pakaian East Java Regional


Traditional Balinese 17.Baju
Traditional West Nusa Tenggara 18.Baju
Traditional 19.Baju East Nusa Tenggara


Traditional 20.Busana West Kalimantan
Traditional 21.Busana Central Kalimantan
22.Busana Traditional South Kalimantan
Traditional 23.Busana East Kalimantan


24.Pakaian Folklore of North Sulawesi
25.Pakaian Folklore of West Sulawesi
Folklore 26.Pakaian Central Sulawesi
Folklore 27.Pakaian Southeast Sulawesi
28.Pakaian Folklore of South Sulawesi
Folklore 29.Pakaian Gorontalo


Traditional 30.Pakaian From Maluku
From the North Maluku Traditional 31.Pakaian
Traditional 32.Pakaian From West Papua
Traditional 33.Pakaian From Papua
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