Natural beauty of the Bangko Bangko

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Lombok Island is famous for its beautiful nature and fascinating. One of them is Nature Park in Sekotong Bangko Bangko, West Lombok. The beach with the waves are relatively elongated and continued to connect so it is suitable for surfing, the beach is this lombok island close to Nusa Penida, Bali so as to facilitate the tourists to reach this region.
To reach this area can be reached from Mataram, then to the Bangko-Bangko Sekotong with a distance of approximately 70 kilometers in a time of almost two hours. Can use private vehicles or public transportation lease. Using public transport from Terminal Mandalika Bertais goal sheet, then the Sheet ride public transportation terminals Labuhan Poh majors. In addition to offering a place to surf in this area you can enjoy and be pampered with beauty beneath the sea, Bangko-Bangko also has addressed the forest in tracking and historical tours for lovers in the area of ​​2169 ha, the Forest Park Nature Bangko-Bangko included in this type of ecosystem coastal forests and lowland monsoon forest and mangrove forests. Here we can find a variety of vegetation Coast Bangko Bangko, seperli Biduri (Calothlropus gigantea), Sea Pandanus (Pandanus sp).
Walked into the shade of the forest edge can be found remnants of Japanese colonial era in the form of debris monitoring Japan's defense fort complete with cannons. Stepping into the Bangko-Bangko or forest thickets at the edge of the beach you can encounter creatures, among them the partridge, eagle bendol, king prawns, and sea eagles. If you are lucky you will also find a rare butterfly is protected by law, Troicles Helena.
In this place the supporting infrastructure is enough natural attractions available, including a passable road motorcycles and cars. While hotels have also been available with the socioeconomic conditions of the majority community livelihood as farmers and only a small fraction of those people that worked as a fisherman.
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