Betawi Cultural History

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Betawi Cultural .Do you know how the beginning of the history of Betawi culture? Far, we live in Jakarta Jakarta but there are genuine people there are also those immigrants who live in Jakarta and to the uninitiated, such as how early in his first yuk let us simak.Betawi used to claimed native tribes inhabiting the Jakarta and the Betawi word actually comes from the word "Batavia" is the ancient name given by Belanda.Sejarah Jakarta Batavia itself preceded by the Sundanese (majority), before the 16th century and into the kingdom Tarumanegara and then Pakuan Pajajaran. In addition to the Sundanese, there are also foreign merchants and sailors from the north coast of Java, from different islands of Eastern Indonesia, from Malacca on the Malay peninsula, and even from China and Gujarat in India. Betawi Cultural History

Betawi ethnic recently formed around a century ago, between the years 1815-1893. In the Dutch colonial era, governments always do the census, which is based on the nation or ethnic group. In Jakarta the population census data in 1615 and 1815, there were people from various ethnic groups, but there is no record of the Betawi ethnic group.

In 1930, the category Betawi people who previously did not exist just emerging as a new category in the census data. The number of Betawi people as much as 778,953 lives and become the majority population of Batavia itu.kesadaran time as the early formation of the Betawi ethnic group was also not yet taken root. In daily life, they more often call themselves based on their locality of residence, such as the Kemayoran, Senen people, or people Rawabelong.

Recognition of the Betawi people as an ethnic group and as a social and political unit within the broader scope, namely the Dutch East Indies, had appeared in 1923, when Husni Thamrin, community leaders founded the association Betawi Betawi. New at the same time all the Betawi people are aware they are a party, namely the class of the Betawi.

There is also the opinion that the Betawi community includes not only blend in Batavia castle built by the Dutch but also includes people outside the fortress called proto Betawi community. Locals outside the fort of Batavia is already using the Malay language, which is commonly used in Sumatra, which then serve as the national language.

In addition, the agreement between Surawisesa (King of Sunda) by the Portuguese in 1512 which allowed the Portuguese to build a community in the Sunda Kalapa result of mixed marriages among the local population with a lower Portuguese Portuguese mixed blood. Of this community was born keroncong music.

After independence

Since the end of last century and especially after independence (1945), Jakarta is flooded with immigrants from all over Indonesia, so that the Betawi people - in any sense as well - to live as a minority. In 1961, the 'tribe' Betawi covers approximately 22.9 percent of the 2.9 million people in Jakarta at that time. They are increasingly pushed to the periphery, even noisy evicted and displaced to the outside of Jakarta. Although actually, 'tribe' Betawi is never displaced or evicted from Jakarta, because the process of assimilation of the various tribes in Indonesia until now continues and through a long process that also 'tribe' Betawi present in the archipelago.
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