Bromo Kasada Ceremony

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Bromo Kasada Ceremony .
Bromo Kasada ceremony performed by the Tengger people who lived in Mount Bromo in East Java, they perform this ritual to raise a healer or shaman in every village. So that they can be removed by traditional elders, they should be able to practice and memorize spells spells.
A few days before the ceremony begins Kasada bromo, they are working on offerings that will be thrown into the crater of Mount Bromo. On the night of the 14-month Community Kasada perch with a rushing throng ongkek containing offerings of various kinds of agricultural products and livestock. Then they took him to the temple and while waiting for a respected elder shaman they come back to memorize and recite the incantation, the inauguration was held at midnight the shaman and the blessing of the people of Mount Bromo dipoten sea of ​​sand.
For the people of Tengger, Shaman is a very important role. Because they are tasked to lead the event - rituals, marriage etc..
Before graduation they are required to pass the exam by rote and fluent in reading spells spells. After the ceremony finished, ongkek - ongkek containing the offerings brought from the foot to the top of the crater of Mount Bromo. And they threw into the crater, as a symbol of the sacrifices made by their ancestors. Inside the crater there are many beggars and people who live in the interior perch, they are far distant day to come to Mount Bromo and set up residence dikawah Mount Bromo in the hope they get thrown offerings.
Residents who threw offering a variety of fruits and livestock products, they regard it as a vow or their gratitude to the god of livestock and agricultural abundance. Activity perch population residing inland dikawah Mount Bromo
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