Karapan beef Madura, East Java Community

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Karapan beef Madura, East Java Community .
Karapan cow cow race is a race that came from Madura, East Java, in the event karapan cow the audience not only treated cows and agility racing the jockey, but before the start of the owners usually do the ritual procession of cows accompanied by musical instruments disekelilingi races blend seronen Madura typical music instrument making this event a more festive. 

The length of the route path karapan cow between 180 to 200 meters, which can be completed within 14 to 18 seconds. Certainly a very fast pace cow - the cow, but sometimes bamboo shrewdness jockey who used to tread the jockey floating in the air due to the rapid speed of the beef cow. 
To gain speed and increase the rate of the cow the jockey, the base of the cows that are fitted with a belt full of sharp spikes which flicked his whip and the jockey who was also given a cow's rump towards sharp thorns. Of course these cuts will make the cows run faster, but also cause sores around the cow's ass. 
Proximity winners sometimes the difference is very thin, indeed, they often only within 1 to 2 seconds. Dimadura Bull is a very unique show, in addition to already inherited one generation to the tradition is also preserved until now. These events serve as a tourism event in Indonesia, and not only local tourists from abroad too many who witnessed this cow karapan.
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