Debus Banten attraction

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Debus Banten attraction .
Attractions that are very dangerous which we used to know called Debus, Debus said that martial arts originated from al-Madad area. The longer the martial arts is growing and growing in all societies as an art entertainment offerings for the community.
Core of the show is still very strong movement or martial arts and weapons use. Debus arts offerings are widely used and focus on a person's immune players against sharp objects, and sort of sharp weapon is called the Debus.

Grow and develop this art since hundreds of years ago, along with the development of Islamic religion in Punjab. At first this art has the function as the spread of religion, but in the Dutch colonial period and during the reign of Sultan Agung Tirtayasa. This martial art is used to evoke the spirit of the warrior and the people who made ​​offerings against Dutch colonialism. Because at that power is not balanced, which has a dutch weapons very complete and sophisticated.
Continue to urge the fighters and people of offerings, the only weapons they have no other martial arts heritage of Debus.
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