Ceremony Tabuik West Sumatra

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Ceremony Tabuik West Sumatra .
Derived from the word 'ark', from Arabic which means paraded, Tabuik ceremony is a tradition of community on the west coast, West Sumatra, which was held very day. The ceremony was held on the day Asuras who fell on the 10th of Muharram, the Islamic calendar.
That said, Tabuik brought by Shi'a adherents from the middle east to Pariaman, as a memorial to the battle of Karbala. This ceremony is also a symbol and expression of a deep sense of sorrow and respect for Muslims in Pariaman against the Prophet Muhammad's grandson. Because the excitement and uniqueness in every pagelarannya, local government was then put Tabuik ceremony in West Sumatra tourism agenda and held every year.

Two weeks before the implementation of the ceremony Tabuik, residents Pariaman been busy doing a variety of preparations. They make as well as various snacks, cakes and Tabuik typical. In this period, there are also people who run a special ritual, which is fasting.
Aside from being the name of the ceremony, Tabuik also pinned to the names of objects which become an important component in this ritual. Tabuik numbered two and made of bamboo and wood. The form of horse-bodied animals, human heads, a robust and winged. By umatIslam, this animal called Buraq and considered a magical beast. On the back Tabuik, made ​​a milestone as high as about 15 m. Tabuik then decorated with red and other colors and will be in the wine later.
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