Makepung, Balinese Buffalo Racing

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Makepung, Balinese Buffalo Racing.If you have Kerapan Madura cattle, the Balinese have Makepung. Two traditions are similar but not identical, but the unique spectacle of a fresh and entertaining. which in Indonesian means romp, was a tradition of racing buffalo race that has long been attached to the Balinese, particularly in Jembrana.
This tradition was a game originally farmers who carried on the sidelines of plowing a field at harvest. At that time, they quickly clashing with associated spur buffalo on a cart and driven by a jockey.

Increasingly, fraudulent activity that was originally developed and increasingly in demand many circles. Now, Makepung has become one of the most interesting cultural attractions and much watched by tourists including foreign tourists. Not only that, even this buffalo racing competition has become an annual agenda of tourism in Bali and managed this profesionalSekarang, followed by Makepung not only among farmers only.
The officials and businessmen from the city too much to be participants and supporters. Moreover, in a big fight, Governors Cup for example, participants who attended Makepung can reach about 300 pairs of buffaloes or even more. The atmosphere was very festive with the presence of the musicians jegog (Balinese gamelan made ​​of bamboo) to enliven the atmosphere of the race.
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