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Indonesia Culture in the World  .Lately, some cultures of Indonesia is very much known by the international community, for example, culture of Bali is very famous among foreign nationals.

Overseas tourists are very interested in Balinese culture, as it still kentalnya customs conducted by the tribe of Bali. Uniqueness - the uniqueness that is in customs such as Ngaben, Kecak dance, Pendet, etc., greatly attracted the attention of foreign tourists to know more in the Balinese culture.

In mid-2009, State of Indonesia digemparkan by news of the recognition of some of the proud cultural icon, one of which is recognized by Reog Ponorogo Negara Malaysia which is a neighboring country Indonesia.

That's because the absence of patents owned by the Indonesian culture. So that the culture in Indonesia can be recognized easily.

This island nation, has many different cultures. Indonesia is proud of its cultures. At present Indonesia is promoting a culture of batik to foreign nationals. Cultural own batik motif has a distinctive and beautiful as they are made by hand - person skilled hands of Indonesia. thus worthy of batik was introduced to foreign nationals. And after inaugurated by the United Nations - Nations (UN) as a cultural icon who owned Indonesia, batik is transformed into a culture of Indonesia which is in the interest among the whole world.

So menjelmanya batik as an art world that comes from the indigenous cultures of Indonesia, joined a wealthy country will bring the results of this natural resource, a State which is known by the state - another country.
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