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Ampera Attract Visitors, Two favorite place in Palembang, the Citadel Plaza Religious Tourism (BKB) and the Ampera Bridge, visited by tourists during the holiday season impromptu Lebaran.

Various types of vehicles from outside South Sumatra BKB looks crowded parking lots and lined up on the bridge which has been a landmark of Palembang. In fact, many of the visitors took time to take pictures and enjoy the atmosphere of the Musi River on the bridge Wong Kito's pride.palembang culture.

Admittedly, the atmosphere around the Ampera Bridge, especially at night, exuding a charm that is so beautiful and not easily forgotten for immigrants. Moreover, colorful decorative lights on the sidelines of temaramnya banks of the Musi River flows also reflect the captivating blend of colors in the surface water of the river and surrounding area attractions such water.

Yes, to lure visitors, the City Government (City Government) Palembang was deliberately set up a variety of different decorative lights along the bridge and in the second tower of the bridge, including the surrounding area of ​​BKB. But unfortunately, a lack of awareness among tourists and the absence of such impromptu officer on guard around the area make the traffic flow on the bridge became stuck and seem chaotic.

Because motor vehicles, particularly four-wheel vehicle that brought the travelers, mostly parked on the bridge to close nearly half ruasjalan.Belumlagi, beberapakendaraan two wheels which are also parked on the edge of the sidewalk bridge also adds to the complexity of traffic on the bridge.

As a result, a number of passing motorists who were forced to reduce speed. Fragrant, 42, travelers from Jakarta, admitted deliberately celebrated Lebaran this time with his family who lived in the area Sekip weir, Palembang. According to him, after a stay in touch, the rest of Ramadhan intentionally exploited to surround the city of Palembang and the various tourist attractions in the city.

Although she admitted had been to the BKB and enjoy the beauty of the Musi River on the Ampera Bridge, he had never looked at the Musi River during the night hari.Karena that, at this time Fitri holiday, he and his family returned to the bridge of community pride Palembang at night.

"It was true once, the night atmosphere (Musi River) from here (Ampera Bridge) is more beautiful. The lights from houses and factories along the Musi River looks more alive, "he said when dibincangi SI last night. Harum also admitted, the court of BKB and locations around the Ampera Bridge is now very good arrangement.

Only, according to him, as usual tourist attractions in other areas, the Ampera Bridge BKB is still very minimal seller a souvenir of Palembang. So, the travelers who travel to this place a little difficult to find by-the typical Palembang. "Unfortunately there are not stores that sell a memento that will remind visitors of Ampera Bridge.

Indeed there is a sale, but its location is rather far away, yes, "he regrets. Meanwhile, Dudi Santoso, who co-tourists from Bandung to enjoy the beauty of the Musi River, suggest, Palembang City Government should strive to organize the street hawkers (street vendors) operating in BKB.

Because of the placement, the street vendors are not only interfere with the scenery, but also makes the location of the slums around the region. "My advice, the street vendors who sell food and soft drinks as well as selling toys arranged in a special place. So, the comfort of visitors is not compromised, "said civil servant in one department in the District of Bandung.
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