Semarang City Cultural Diversity

Written By Culture on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 | 8:23 PM

Semarang City Cultural  , Semarang, Central Java is a meeting place for local ethnic mix side by side like Java, Arabia, China, India and various regions in Indonesia.

Even the ethnic mix of Semarang is brought into an area that has many diverse cultures, from various culinary, art, architecture typical to customs.

Just look at the center of the city, especially around the traditional market Johar, east of township residents are descendants of the middle east and India are named pekojan.

While in the south township residents of Chinese descent named Chinatown and on the west is the village Muslims named Kauman Java and the north-east is the old town which formerly inhabited by the descendants of the Dutch nation.

"No area such as Semarang, harmonious inter-ethnic and fully awake and mutual respect. It was proved by the township side by side," said H Maksum, chairman of the Chinese Islamic Association of Indonesia (PITI) of Central Java.
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